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CC- Nano calcium carbonateCAS: 471-34-1

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    20 Metric Ton
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Synonyms: Ultrapaque;Marblewhite 325;MC 1 (carbonate);AFF 95;FMT 70;Tama Pearl TPK;carbonic acid calcium salt (1:1);BFK 200;Stanwhite 500;Enifant 15;Akadama;N 43 (carbonate);Mikhart 2;NN 200;Precpitated calcium carbonate (JP14);Albacar LO;Nitorex 90;Precpitated calcium carbonate;Hakuenka T-DD;Super 2000;Slite 1200;KK 12;SL 300;Limestone,uses;NCC 2310;Eskalon 2000;Supermite;Nitorex 23P;Pulpro 3;P-Lite 700;KS 1300;Calseeds P;TNC-C 120;Viscolite U;Purecal O;NCC-P;Socal;NS 2300;TP 222;PO 320B10;Softon 1500;TR 325;Calofil A 4;Supercoat;MSK-V;GS 3;TM 1 (filler);SL 700;Superfine heavy calcium carbonate;Blue Iron Oxide;calcium carbonate (Luminescent Grade);CALCIUM CARBONATED;Calcium Carbonate, Powder, Reagent;Stavigot 15A;Calcium carbonate, light, food;Calcium Carbonate, Anhydrous;Duramite;Snowdrop (Galanthus)Snowflake;Clarcal 9125;CPL 4106;Marblend;SST 40;Calopake F;LW 3000;Whiton;Brilliant 1500;Kredafil RM 55;BL 50 (antacid);Garolite SA;FL 2029;MC-S 5;Toyofine TF-X;Iikaru 100;Saxolith 2HE;Brilliant S 15;Purecal U;Dacote;Girulite 40;Whiscal;Milcarb;Super 1500;BF 200;T 130-2500;Albaglos;Hydrocurve K 9;Eskalon 1500;Microna S 93;Winnofil SP;C 50 (carbonate);NS 80 (carbonate);TNC-C 60;Hakuenka PZ;High Purity Calcium Carbonate CS;Inducarb 0000;C.I. Pigment White 18;NS 3000;Tama Pearl TP 262;Albafil;MD 2 (carbonate);Eskalon 600;N 2 (filler);Pficarbo S;ZG 301;Calofort S;Cal-light AS;MSK-PO;CaCO3;Vigot 10;KS 500;LW 600;Tama Pearl 222H;Microna S 90HB;Clefnon;OA-A 1102;Sturcal L;Nitorex 80;SM 14B;MC 5 (filler);TP 121SDP;Vicron;Albaglos SF;Kemipuron A;CPL 404;Cube 70AS;Tama Pearl TP 121;Super SSS;Pficarbo H;Softon H;Chemcarb;RX 2557;Polcarb;SX 1000;Softon 2600;K 250;Multiflex MM;Cal-light A 7;YS 34;NN 500;Kalfain 500;Tancal 200;Hakuenka R 06;Atomistic simulationAtomite;PS 100 (carbonate);Microna S 80B;Os-Cal;Carusis P;PV 4 (carbonate);MC-T;Super 2300;KS 1500;Winnofil SPT;Tama Pearl HGA;Calcite (Ca(CO3)),uses;MSK-P;Inducarb 500;KC 30A;Snowlite SS;KK 13;HC 90;Camel-Carb;CS-D;Atomite SSA 2114;Hakuenka DD;Tama Pearl FCC;Inteq B 641;NZ;Multiflex SC;RX 2559;Microna 7;Albacar;Homocal D;Hakuenka PX;Nanox 30;Softon 2200;Cal-sup;Lighton 22S;Super 5S;Shipron A;CCR;Microrn 200;NS 800;Opacarb S;Brilliant 15;Super 3S;Snowcal 60;AX 363;NA 600;Microcal spa C 100;FilmLink 600;ACE 25;Kredafil 150 Extra;G 100 (carbonate);GPR 325;Newlight LL;SL 2200;SS 30 (carbonate);SL 1000 (carbonate);BF 2000;MSK-C;Super SS;Neolite SP;Snowflake White;Calseeds PL;Eskalon 100M;M 300 (antiaggregant);Calcitex 902;Winnofil SPM;ACE 35;Super S (carbonate);Softon 1000;RL 06083;NCC 1010;Super-Pflex;P-Lite 500;WO 30F;Caltrate;Kansui 50;Calopake PC;Calpin Y;Setacarb HG;Kalfain 200M;BKS 5;Egri M 5;Lighton 200B10;Gama-Sperse 80; Classification: Coating Auxiliary Agents
EINECS: 207-439-9 Molecular Formula: CaCO3
Melting Point: 825℃ Boiling Point: 333.6°C at 760mmHg
Stability: Stable. Incompatible with acids, fluorine, ammonium salts, alum. Water Solubility: Insoluble
Refractive index: 1.6583 Flash Point: 197℃
Purity: ≥95% Appearance: White powder
HazardClass: Brand Name: Dafeng Chem
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: 25kg/bag, or basing on your needs.
Delivery Detail:
Detailed Description

 Properties: good affinity, both having filling and reinforcing functions, cutting down the amount of silicone sealant in use and thus reducing the costs of manufacturing, greatly improving products heat isolation, stability, surface smoothness and then enhancing market competitiveness.

Package: 25kg/bag, or basing on your needs.

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